TADA. Welcome to the future of what you want™.

Our mission at TADA is to bring our audience streaming TV & VR entertainment that is highly focused on exciting and intriguing stories and compelling characters.

Thanks to the rise of blockchain technology; in particular the Ethereum Blockchain, creative artists, producers, investors, et al, can now have more control than ever before over their work and their rights, revenue & royalties. The blockchain contract automatically and instantly pays everyone directly and simultaneously each and every time their content is purchased.

The TADA Community chooses what they want to watch, when they want to watch. They purchase the content via an Ethereum Token (the TADA) to unlock their content.

The TADA Community not only chooses what and when to watch they also get to choose which shows are produced and can even participate in the productions.

This is indeed an exciting time for film & TV artists and producers and indeed as well as for content consumers; the TADA Community. TADA is at the forefront of the new media experience that has now been made possible.

TADA Original Programming

TADA. Welcome to the future of what you want™.

TADA is currently working with a number of content creators. We are also seeking to establish relationships with new content creators seeking a better option for distributing, managing as well as funding their projects.

Currently in pre-production:

VR Dome - Sci-Fi Drama Action Series. Miles from nowhere in a future barren desert an immense dome holds the worlds biggest and most advanced virtual reality games where gamblers bet on the games and on their favorite players. The top player's teenage son who hasn't seen his father in years, ventures off to the Dome to challenge his absentee father.
Much more to come. Stay tuned.


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